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'Tommy's Special Christmas'

She says she spends her work life looking up facts and her writing life weaving them into new realities. The decision was hard. I tried to balance writing skill with the clarity of and emphasis on a Christmas theme. Kellyce's story not only showed great storytelling and writing ability, but it also reminds us of the importance of what really matters during this holiday season. Christmas, she says, is not about the material things, it's about . well, you'll have to read the story."

"I wish it was Christmas already!" Tommy said as he shook his snow globe. Christmas was 22 days away. Tommy had been a good boy all year, but he'd been especially good for the past few months because he had a very large Christmas list and wanted everything on it. He had 72 items on his Christmas list.

Later that day, Tommy was sitting on his bed staring into his snow globe. His grandmother had given it to him last Christmas as a stocking stuffer; every day was Christmas inside the Australia Kamagra Manufacturers snow globe. He loved that snow globe very much, but little did he know it was special.

Tommy, who was still sitting on his bed, shook the snow globe and said, "I wish I could live in there with you guys. It would be awesome if every day was Christmas." And in that moment time paused Buy Cialis 10mg as Tommy was whisked away into a Christmas themed funnel. Once he opened his eyes he quickly realized he was in his snow globe.

An elf grabbed his hand and said, "Come with me." Tommy, who was still trying to understand what was going on, followed the elf. The elf started pointing out buildings and signs and other landmarks. Befuddled, Tommy quickly interrupted the elf to ask his name. The elf quickly replied, "Jackson, I'm Santa's right hand man." They came to a stop and Tommy looked up at the tall Generisk Levitra Flashback building and saw a sign with the words "Santa's Workshop" on the top.

"Stay close to me," Jackson said, "I don't want you to get lost." Tommy glanced around to see everybody was busy hustling and bustling getting everything ready for Christmas. At Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) the end of the long hallway was an old rusty elevator. They got onto the elevator, closed the old rusted metal door, and hit the up button. The elevator quickly shot up the shaft. Tommy felt sick by the time it stopped. Once again the elf grabbed his hand and said, "Follow me." Tommy could barely walk straight. He felt like he had to vomit.

They stopped in front of a large door and the sign read "Santa Claus." Jackson opened the large door and walked up to the stepping stool in front of the large desk. He pulled a folder out of his jacket and read aloud, "This is Tommy Jones, he's 8 years old and he can't wait for Christmas." Santa put down his papers and peered into Tommy's eyes. This made Tommy extremely nervous. Santa asked Tommy if he'd been a good boy this year and Tommy responded, "Yes." Then Santa said to Tommy, "Why can't you wait for Christmas?" Tommy didn't have to think about his response. He quickly said, "I can't wait to open all of my gifts." "Is that the only reason you're ready for Christmas?" asked Santa. "Yes sir," responded Tommy. Santa, still peering into Tommy's eyes, said, "If it is gifts that you want then it is gifts you shall have. Jackson please take Mr. Jones to the gift room." Jackson took Tommy's hand again and led him toward the old rusted elevator.

They got off on the seventh floor. Jackson opened the door. "Have fun," he said, pushing Tommy in. Tommy couldn't believe his eyes. He'd never seen so many presents before. He sat on the floor and started opening the gifts. He was so excited; he still couldn't believe this was happening. Every time he'd open a gift an elf would bring another. Tommy was having the time of Comprar Gh Jintropin his life. The elves gave him milk and cookies and Hershey kisses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It seemed as if Tommy was living the dream until he started getting bored with opening gifts and playing with toys all day long. He started to feel like something wasn't right.

One day he got the idea to ask some elves if he could see how the toys were made. The elves said, "Yes," and lead Tommy out of the room and onto the elevator. They stopped on the first floor. Tommy followed the elves everywhere and did everything they did. He enjoyed himself, but he still felt like something wasn't right. So, the next day "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" he asked Santa if he could tag along on his practice sleigh ride and Santa said, "Yes." He enjoyed himself on the sleigh ride, too, but he still felt like something was missing. So, he decided to spend a day with Rudolph. He enjoyed himself again, but something still didn't feel right.

Tommy eventually gave up and decided to go back to the gift room. He opened a few more gifts, but it started to seem like the gifts just continued to pile up. Tommy had decided he'd had enough. He took the old rusted elevator up to Santa's office, knocked on the door, and was greeted by an old elf. Santa's deep voice said, "Come in." Tommy walked up to the stepping stool and said, "Santa I want to go home." Santa Generic Levitra 40 Mg replied, "Why, you said you wanted gifts and that's what I gave you? I thought you were happy." "I was, but I miss my mommy. I want to go and be with my family," said Tommy. Chuckling, Santa said, "Now you've got it! You've figured out one of the true meanings of Christmas. Christmas is one of the few holidays you get to spend with the entire family. You shouldn't take advantage of it and you shouldn't be impatient. Enjoy the wait Kamagra Jelly Uk Cheap and the anticipation because when Christmas gets here the day will speed by so quickly. Now would you like to know how to get home?" "Yes," said Tommy. "All you have to do is open one very special gift." Jackson walked up to Tommy and handed him the gift.

Tommy opened the gift and once again he was whisked away through a Christmas themed funnel. He landed on his bed, time was no longer paused, and everything was back to normal. Tommy hopped off of his bed and ran downstairs and hugged his parents. "I don't want anything for Christmas. All I want is for the entire family to be together enjoying each other's company."