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Tom Green needs help Andrew Dice Clay often gives

(Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Journal)

Buy PhotoTom Green needs help Andrew Dice Clay often givesTom Green performs Buy Cialis Switzerland at Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on Friday, March 14, 2014. (Chase Stevens/Las Vegas "Hgh Jintropin Avis" Journal)

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Mike Weatherfordreviews Las Vegas shows and headliners on Friday in Neon. His entertainment column appears Sunday and Thursday in Living. Friday Monday (more shows April 25 Generic Cialis Review 28, May 16 17)

Hard Rock Hotel, 4455 Paradise RoadGrade: B (B if Andrew Dice Clay shows up)

By Mike Weatherford


They say stand up comedy is the loneliest buy cheap jintropin online of endeavors. That you live or die alone on that stage, facing down an audience.

Unless Cheap Levitra Australia you have 'da Diceman in your corner!

Or even your mom and dad.

Tom Green is doing OK in his transition from TV prankster to agitated stand up comedian, but he's not going to turn down any extra help. Who can resist the extra level of surrealism of watching his put upon parents watching decades old videos of their son tormenting them on MTV?

But, depending on the night, the real bonus Australian Levitra to Green's stab at a Las Vegas residency comes in a visit from Andrew Dice Clay, who usually follows Green with a separately ticketed show in the Hard Rock Hotel's Vinyl club.

You aren't guaranteed this odd couple comedy team when you buy a ticket for Green. But the 15 minutes or so they spent onstage together on a recent night suggests it happens often enough for the two to have made a routine of it. And the routine makes you wonder why comedy teams ever went out of style.

However, Green is billed as a solo ticket. So first, his stand up.

The good news is that his MTV infamy in the 1990s gives him a head start as a headliner. The bad news is that all most of us remember of him is the stuff we wish we could forget. It comes back to haunt us in video highlights at the top of the show: Green licking a cow udder, drinking a bottle of mustard, "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" tossing a cow's head in his parents' bed.

So at age 42 ("I'm basically dead," he proclaims), Green has both the blessing and curse of redefining himself as a stand up persona. What we get so far is sort of half formed.

"I got jokes. I got things to say," he announces. But only after he takes a few minutes to establish himself as a wide eyed, loud and twitchy character who, as Jerry Lewis used to say, works from the crouch.

It wasn't altogether clear if we were watching Green doing a satiric Viagra Online Pharmacy Europe take on his TV character as a has been, or an amplified version of his "real" self now railing at society with George Carlin esque maturity. If it's the latter, the insecure persona sets him up as a bit of an unreliable narrator.